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The 10-Class Pass has no expiration date and can be used any time. 

Good for in-studio classes only.


Also available:

One-month UNLIMITED Pass $70

Valid for one month from your chosen start date.

(Note: Unlimited Passes are also valid for virtual classes.

See a studio staff member for details AFTER your pass is purchased.)


ZOOM Pass (Monthly Unlimited) $40


(Discounted for December)

Passes are for ZOOM classes ONLY and are valid during the specific month they are purchased. The earlier in the month that you buy it, the better the deal!  Pass holders will be given a special coupon code to apply at checkout for each ZOOM class they order in that month.

NOTE: You should plan to order this pass several hours in advance of the first class you would like to take so that there is time to process the order. Thank you.

Please note: If purchasing a 10-class pass or UNLIMITED pass online, please plan to pick up your pass in person at the studio when you arrive for class. If you are purchasing as a gift or prefer to have your pass mailed to you, please email us at


Purchase your class pass today!

Use at your leisure. No expiration date.

In-studio classes only.

Valid for exactly one month from first use.

Can be used for in-studio and virtual classes.

This pass is for ZOOM classes only and is valid for the specific month in which it is purchased. A ZOOM coupon code for the month will be sent after purchase. (Please allow up to 24 hours to process and receive code,)

NOTICE:  If you experience any difficulty placing your order online, please contact us immediately at

Passes can also be purchased IN PERSON at the studio when you come for class!