Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

No . . . all of our classes are drop-in.  There is no preregistration or sign up needed. If it is your first time taking a class with us, you may want to plan to be there a few minutes early to sign our waiver and familiarize yourself with our studio.

Should I bring my own equipment?
We do recommend you bring your own equipment when possible; however, the studio is equipped with everything you need for each class, and we also rent yoga mats for $1 should you find yourself in need of one.

Do you have childcare?

In order to keep our classes affordable, and due to the limitations of our facility, we do not offer childcare, and unfortunately, children are not allowed to come and sit in the studio while the parent takes a class.

HOWEVER, we LOVE having kids participate in our classes, and you are welcome to bring your child with you under the following circumstances:

--They are able to participate in all of the class exercises.

--The parent directly supervises the child.

--They pay to participate in the class.

NOTE: Babywearing is also allowed as long as it is done safely, and of course, there is no charge for this.

Can I schedule a private class for myself and my friends?

Yes!  We call these "Pop-Up" classes, and they can be held at the studio or at another location of your choice. The cost is $10 a person with a minimum of $50 to book a class. You can learn more about Pop-Up Classes here or email us at info@livemovebefitness.com

Are your classes for women only or can men attend?

Our classes are for everybody and EVERY BODY -- women, men, any age, shape, size, or fitness level.  If you are looking for a workout that encourages you in body, mind, and soul, our classes are for you.